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Book your Accomodation
  1. Arrange viewing the property you wish to rent or if you are unable to view then please contact us for alternative means. View Properties to Let on this site.
  2. If you have viewed the place and would like to Book then Reserve the place. Delays in reserving risks others reserving your Accomodation before you. It is prudent to telephone and email confirmation of your reservation. Accomodation have been lost literally by seconds. Occasionaly Accomodation demand is high.
  3. In order to Reserve the place, we need the following:
    • Copy of your Passport or Driving Licence.
    • Tenancy Application Form.
    • Deposit Fee (This is refundable as per tenancy agreement)
    * Please read sample tenancy agreement before Booking For information on making payments please go to our payments page.